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Search for same or similar mirrored pictures, photos or images!

Keep the Microsoft Windows PC on or put to sleep!

A Directory print feature with integrated print preview for Windows!

Create on the fly one or multiple non-compressible files!

Notice this is a private parking lot - Short-Car-Note!

Improved mouse wheel and little load on the CPU or resources!

FileName2FileTime in NewFileTime!

Save icon layout and restore it.

CalendarOK - an alternative to the standard Windows Desktop Calendar! 

The auto power options adjustment to increase energy efficiency on Windows!

10 X Extra clipboard for texts, pictures and other objects under Windows!

DesktopOK - Save and restore the positions of the Windows Desktop Icons!

Print folder size on all MS Windows OS!

Automatically shut down the PC with a lower CPU load, or something else?

SysTreeViev32 versus Tree-List-View-Hybrid-OK!

Can you make Q-Dir to be configurable what search tool to start?

Change minutes for several files at the same time!

Windows and Native resolution?

New in QTP 5.01 Menu sorting, submenus and icons!

The category Test Tools for Windows on Software OK!

V-Ram test the quality of the Ram and the Virtual PC/CPU!

Remove the performance index reader from Windows 10!

Add Quad-Explorer to the Windows File Explorer folder context menu!

Show full folder path in Title Bar of Quad-Explorer for Windows!

Print the File Explorer thumbnails to see it on paper!

Continue to use Windows 10, 8.1, ... system keyboard shortcuts!

Show your own drive icon in the Windows Explorer, HDD, SSD, USB!

Search without subfolders in the File Explorer search!

Problems with Windows 10 Folder Protection and Defender!

A shortcut on the Windows desktop for network adapters!

Disable or Enable trim support for SSD on Windows 10, 8.1!

Write short invitations and reports on Windows 10!

Windows 10 Edge on the desktop and quick launch bar as a shortcut?

Small Icons Size in Taskbar of Windows 10!

Start WordPad via a desktop button on Windows 10!

Open the power options in Windows 10!

Disable all printers under Windows 10, 8.1 and 7?

RAM Test on Windows 10!

Hot Tip Windows 10 Activate classic GodMode!

Extend the Directory-Tree automatically in MS File-Explorer!

At incorrect time Change the time zone in Windows 10!

The Edge Browser hangs, cannot be closed on Windows 10!

CMD prompt at the Start menu folder!

From Windows 10 Start, Run as Admin the two solutions!

Starting PowerShell on Windows 10 as an Administrator!

Move, copy, understand differences and the thought traps!

You can leave everything to us! Windows 10 hangs?

Status: Is downloaded - 100 percent and Windows 10 hangs?

How to edit registry on Windows 10!

Desktop Clock Zelda breath of the wild, how to?

Fonts Print Overview!

Fuzzy display with higher DPI values ​​corrected with SetProcessDPIAware!

Many variables in quick text paste don't work!

Is the 35-times overwriting of the data safe? Can any human recover the data?

ShellExecuteEx function, search in LPCITEMIDLIST!

How can I safely erase the non-rewritable CDs or DVDs?

Where is the difference to shut down and reboot Windows 10 (8.1, IE 11, 7)?

I am visually impaired! How do I enlarge the font on my System for my computer screen eg. desktop?

CMD commands to control power settings under Windows, with examples?

Wi-Fi or WLAN Show Driver Information, how to (Command Prompt)?

What version of MS Office do I have?

Activate Paragraph format characters in MS Word, how can I turn it on!

GetWindowText Error message?

Can I also print out lists on a network, e.g. Synology NAS?

Help I can't find duplicate pictures from my iPhone according to the instructions, why?

Folder vs. Folder and Compare if search for similar images?

Setting for file associations in Windows 10, but how?

Windows 10 Clipboard is broken, what did I do wrong?

Change Windows 10 Sleep Settings, how to?

Reset Internet Explorer settings in Windows 10, how to?

How to show filename extension in Windows-10?

Set Windows 10 to the Default Boot Entry (operating system)?

How do I put Windows 10 into sleep mode (save energy)?

Customize icon spacing on the Windows 10 desktop (symbol distances)!

Where is the password reset disk in Windows 10, or how to create?

Enable screen saver password in Windows 10, how to turn off?

Customize the pagefile.sys in Windows 10 (paging file)?

Show My-Computer and Control Panel on Desktop in Windows 10?

Where can I find the Windows 10 version and build number Pro and Home?

Is the Full Screen function in the Magnifier under Windows XP or only in Windows 7 possible?

Computer power off, reboot, log off, hibernate or standby, explain me?

Windows 7 ESU costs German taxpayers 800,000 euros!

What is Windows Terminal App under Win-10?

The remote desktop port in Windows?

Can I create a biometric passport photo myself?

USB 3.0 on old notebooks and laptops, is that possible with Windows?

Can I really turn my photos into PDF files on all Windows OS?

How to uninstall Win Scan To PDF from Windows 10, 8.1, ...?

How can I detect a corrupted pixel on the LCD monitor on Win 10 or 8.1 (11)?

Problems with fonts on Windows 8.1 / 10 how to reset font to default?

Disable auto start of the speech recognition in Windows 8.1 (turn off)?

Restart the MS Explorer in Windows 8.1 / 10 (Reset, Filemanager)!

Where can I find the file version history in Windows 8.1 / 10 (backup, security)!

Create Action Center Desktop Shortcut for Windows 8.1/8!

Use own image for the desktop background in Windows 8.1 and 10!

How to remove switch user in windows 8 (8.1) at Login start screen?

Can I disable in Windows 8 automatically arranged of desktop icons (10, 7, 8.1)?

How to start DirectX diagnostic tool in Windows 8.1 / 10 x64/x32 bit (version, find, open)?

How to find the calculator in Windows 8 and 8.1 (open, start, run)?

Troubleshoot, repair or recovery Windows 8 and 8.1 with Windows 8 (8.1) Installations DVD!

Run cmd.exe the command prompt in administrator mode on Windows 8.1 / 10!

How do I download all of my Facebook data?

Find and change the proxy server configuration in Windows (Internet Explorer)!

The last 10 open fonts folder, use, compare, ...!

Speed ​​mobile data LTE / 4G / 2G / E on the Samsung Galaxy customize?

How can I uninstall the ExperienceIndexOK?

How to use MultiClipBoardSlots for Windows, help?

Tweeter or do a FaceBook post on the pinboard!

Windows 7 direct download links all versions!

Save state and Settings Problem?

Difference Start DVD and Boot USB?

Files from hard drive do not open immediately?

Is the desktop clock not a system resources waster for Windows?

Folder total size in the File-Explorer Status-Bar?

Keep a specific layout pane setting, size and view 4 next start!

IE11.0 was now automatically updated to the latest ver., but on the surface is nothing to see?

How to navigate up a folder?

How can i change the preview filter settings for Q-Explorer List Views?

Error message: You might not have enough rights!

Can i start Always MouseWheel always minimized (To-tray)?

What is the difference between WLAN and WiFi?

Connect PC monitor to Mac Book or LED TV, but how!

My Computer and This PC, where is the difference?

Who needs the alternative cmd.exe and why?

In PowerPoint still the original creation time appears!

Enable Shutdown feature in Windows To-Tray area!

Camera Noise in Screenshot Feature for Windows in Desktop-OK?

New save options for custom text (wildcards), how to?

Use right, left, middle mouse button as clipboard friend!

Maximize QuickTextPaste to see more information, how to?

Why doesn't the window transparency change when you move the controller?

Uninstall Desktop Calendar from the Windows Desktop!

Where can I see if Service Pack 1 is installed on my Windows 7?

How to Switch users in windows 7 without logging off ?

How to uninstall Programs and Features in Windows 7?

Disable auto expand folder in Windows 7 Explorer?

How to enable Screen-Saver Password on Windows 7?

Open the Disk-Management in Windows 7?

TouchWiz Start high battery usage on my android smart phone, why?

What is a SIM swap?

What is a PDF file?

What is a password?

Difference between check boxes and Combo boxes?

What are gigaflops - gflops?

What is VR glasses?

Windows Font Viewer?

What is a Zip Folder Directory?

What is a plotter?


Windows x64 operating systems, what´s that?

Shut down or power off, power on?

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